our services

ICT Advisory​

We provide a wide range of services to help clients in shaping their strategic decisions at any stage of a project or investment. Our ICT advisory services are delivered by a highly-skilled team of consultants with extensive experience in delivering projects and managing systems across the MENA region. Our ICT advisory services include ICT strategic consulting, technology vendor selection, technical assessments, networks and IT solution design, network audits, and more.

Strategic Management​

Every business, regardless of its size, needs a well-planned and effective business management strategy. We offer clients continuous planning, monitoring, analysis and assessment of all applicable aspects of their businesses to help them meet their goals and objectives. One of our business management strategies is business process re-engineering (BPR), in which we redesign core business processes through the use of modern technology to enhance data dissemination and to facilitate decision-making.

Merger & Acquisition Integration​

A well-conceived merger and acquisition plan assists in ensuring proper implementation and delivering tangible results. Our team of experts provides support throughout the merger and acquisition process by offering ongoing counsel targeted at reaching a deal that delivers the greatest value to our clients. After finalizing the deal, our team will guide you through the integration process by providing on-the-ground support to maximize profitability and increase efficiency.

Interim Management​

We offer short-term and long-term interim management services to companies and organizations that require rapid access to expertise or change management skills in the ICT sector. Our team has extensive experience with proven track records in handling complex business situations across a broad range of functions including human resources, regulatory affairs, sales and marketing, IT support, security operation center management, networks and Internet platforms security, and more. Our interim management services offer cost effective and efficient solutions to your organization during times of critical challenges.

Project and Program Management​

We realize the importance of proper management skills to the successful outcome of any project. Therefore, our team of high-level consultants designs custom solutions and implementation approaches that are unique to each client. Our tried and tested methods, skills, and knowledge help to translate strategies into reality that meets clients’ goals and objectives. Regardless of the size of the project, we adhere to providing program management support – from the initial planning phase to the final implementation of the project – to ensure a successful outcome.

Customer Service Efficiency​

Efficient customer service saves money, enhances reputation and ensures happy returning customers. We have a team of professional customer service experts who work on equipping clients with the right tools and knowledge to increase efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. With experience in the ICT industry, as well as in the field of human performance improvement (HPI), our team can assist in managing customer experience, creating customer centric approaches, providing after sales support, managing profitability, and more.

Quality Assurance​

We provide assistance in the development and implementation of policies, procedures and workflow processes across all departments of an organization to assess efficiency, validity and performance of operational systems and to ensure compliance with industry quality standards and regulations. In addition, we support clients in acquiring ISO 9001 certifications.

Organizational Change Management ​

Organizational change – whether to the structure, business model, or something else – could be very risky, slow and problematic. However, if executed properly and professionally, change can put an organization on the path to future success. Our team works closely with clients providing on-the-ground support during these critical times to tackle challenges and ensure successful change management.

Human Resources Support​

One of the main functions of human resources management is training and development. Training programs can boost employee satisfaction, help them learn new skills and develop talents, as well as improve their job performance. Whether you’re looking to train employees for their current jobs or to help them develop new skills for future roles and responsibilities, our experts will customize programs tailored to your needs and objectives. In addition, we offer employee assessment tools to help clients understand their employees, discover their strengths, and improve their performance. This contributes to staff development and retention, as well as setting a path for career progression within the organization.

International Business​

We offer advice on the best international routing based on our expert knowledge of hubs, cable systems, borders and operators around the world. In addition, we conduct comprehensive market research and analyze business opportunities to increase an operator’s win rate and create new business prospects. Our highly experienced team works with clients on recommending optimum routes in terms of costs, delivery and quality. Moreover, our strategic advisors work closely with clients on efficient departmental re-engineering, business modeling, costing, international operation and processes to facilitate integration within the international telecom industry.